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With a combined experience of more than five decades, the team at Wide Reach are experts in the field, having worked in the area of reticulated water systems, water treatment and risk assessment across a range of industries.

Aside from their passion for training, our dynamic team can also draw from an extensive pool of knowledge in the area of hydraulics, plumbing, water chemistry and software engineering.

Wide Reach

Bridging the skills gap for the benefit of public health

In our daily work, we have observed an alarming shortfall in the training and support provided to the people responsible for identifying the risks and maintaining the safety of water distribution systems in our hospitals, aged care facilities, schools, public places and broader communities.

With our technical expertise and background in training, we recognised that we could make a difference. Our engaging, in-depth and robust online training courses are specially designed to bridge this gap so that organisations and individuals can manage the risk of pathogens in their water distribution systems professionally and in accordance with current legislation.

100% Australian Owned

Fully Australian owned and operated, Wide Reach uses a best practice approach and state of the art technology to create innovative and powerful water quality training solutions that are rated best in class by industry experts.

Our Australian based support team will be delighted to help you.

Wide Reach Online Courses

Legionella and Pathogen Awareness
Writing & Maintaining a Water Risk Management Plan (WRMP)

Got Questions? Connect with our team.

With years of industry experience, our highly qualified staff are on hand to answer any questions you might have. We pride ourselves on ensuring Australians always have access to the highest quality water training, wherever they are.

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